Website design and development process

At The Agency Plugin, we use a simple 4 step process to develop and design our web projects. We start by doing an audit on your existing platform or for new projects, we examine the category that you fall into. Once we have gathered sufficient insights, we can formulate a strategy designed to meet your end goal and one that will be moulded to your business goals.

One of our key differentiators is that we create our content and wireframes in tandem. This allows the seamless production of copy and user-journeys to flow with sensical content. As we transition from this phase to design & development we then examine the brand aspects, style guide and how to ensure the vision comes alive through rock solid design and development. On completion, we take your product into the testing stage before going live.

Four step process

Audit & strategy
To ensure we understand the goal of any website, we start with an audit which informs our strategy. We apply critical thinking on the Strategic thought and visual structural direction.
Wireframes & content
Wireframes and content, done in one phase to ensure a clear user journey. We place thought into how your ideal customer would navigate your site to support conversions.
Design & development
The design and development are based and rolled-out on the signed off content and wireframes. The ensures a streamlined development phase to keep progress a priority. Responsiveness is applied to be mobile friendly.
Before we launch, we test the website that was built on a subdomain. This allows you as a client to view a realistic result and ensures the experience is bug-free and enjoyable before we launch.

Website solutions

Digital design
We can design your website, app, platform or idea in high fidelity using tools like Photoshop for mockups, InVision for prototyping, Sketch for Vector Graphics, Illustrator for Icons and After Effects for Animation. These tools allow us to deliver a production-grade design to suit any unique set of needs.

E-Commerce is set to change the way consumers access product dramatically and we are able to produce websites that enable this phenomenon. We build full e-commerce solution integration commerce / store, payment gateway setup and delivery integration.

WordPress website development
Our staple development tool is WordPress, this is the most widely used platform globally and is the core website tool we offer for an easy entry into the website arena. Our specific system using the Visual Composer to execute our platforms to ensure that the websites are easy to manage for the long term while common elements like headers and footers are also editable. Our website projects are handed over with video training, face to face sessions and the option of a maintenance plan for busy marketing professionals or business owners.

App design, development and strategy
Developing apps has become somewhat of a saturated market as too many businesses jumped on the bandwagon too early with not enough thought given to the core value of the application. Not only do we build apps but we also help create a strategy around the app so that once it is released it’s actually useful.