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When all else fails, check the plug. You may just need The Agency Plugin.

Definition of a plugin: An add-on that contains a group of functions that enhances the capabilities of an element and provides support for specific features.

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The process would involve input for a high-level strategy from our various specialists aiming to deliver support and drive all the marketing and brand awareness initiatives.

Based on the approval of the brand discovery strategy, a brand identity manual will be developed that will contain your brand CI (logo, stationery if applicable, font usage, visual rules, packaging design). This document will in part be driven by the brand strategy.

Website design

At The Agency Plugin, we use a simple 4 step process to develop and design our web projects. We start by doing an audit on your existing platform or for new projects, we examine the category that you fall into. Once we have gathered sufficient insights, we can formulate a strategy designed to meet your end goal and one that will be moulded to your business goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of improving the visibility of online content in organic SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) to help achieve the goals of your organisation.

Search engines use a variety of tactics to understand human language to show the best results. These tactics change with every update Google releases. SEO is a longer-term strategy and should not be the only tactic you use to increase lead generation.


In our fast-paced society, people are overwhelmed with emails, texts, social media, and of course, so many ads, they are everywhere, and businesses know this.

Smart marketers know that potential clients want to be entertained, and wooed, not just presented with boring facts.

Paid media

Our approach to paid media advertising is to map and understand your company’s business model and the way it generates revenue. Thereafter, we assess and map who your customers are, and where they spend their time online. We use this knowledge to determine which digital channels and targeting strategies are best suited to your business and then produce tailor-made copy that your audience will find compelling.

Social Media

An important aspect of brand awareness, visibility and recognition. It’s also a great way to interact with your customers which contributes towards higher conversion rates and increases brand loyalty, traffic and enhanced SEO rankings.

Graphic Design

A logo is much more than just an image; it is a point of recognition and the essential foundation for the branding of your business. Your logo is an easy way to convey to potential customers that your business is professional, trustworthy, and provides quality goods or services.

There are numerous styles and techniques to consider when developing a logo; you will find three options for each method to help you select your company logo.


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